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Our goal is always to provide value to our clients while ensuring quality in what we deliver.

Here is an overview of our base prices, feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your requirements

Our basic package as described below is the starting point for all of our websites and additional functionality / work is charged per hour… You only pay for what you use.

The Basic Package costs 600€ for the first year and includes the following:

- Web-hosting (1 year)
- A WordPress website with standard functionality plus the following features:
  - Web forms (Gravity forms)
  - Google maps integration(API)
  - Integrated Google Analytics (optional)
  - SEO module (search engine optimisation)
- Setup and configuration of 8 pages
- Configuration of three web forms
  - Used for gathering info from site visitors. This might be a “Contact us” or a product/service order form.
- Training materials / User guides available
- Configuring of domain and DNS
- Connection to Facebook and Twitter (optional)
- Automatic backup
- Security configuration
- Software updates and maintenance
- 250+ professionally designed starter templates to choose from.


webhosting includes 15GB of storage on our cloud infrastructure. Extra storage costs 0.5€ per GB per month.
Our basic package without web-hosting costs 300€
This includes three revisions of the design aspect

Hosting and maintenance:

Standard prices for hosting and website maintenance start at 300€ per year.

Standard prices for programming, graphics/design, and text services are:

Programming/systems-development 97€ per hour.
Visual / graphic design 78€ per hour.
Text content and translation services are between 60€ and 90€ per hour (English and Norwegian).(per word pricing available upon request)

All prices are excluding taxes.
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